Cupcake Girls


Motion Graphics for the TV Series The Cupcake Girls Lots of 3D cakes. So many cakes. And flying cupcakes with wings. And cupcakes with wheels driving around downtown Toronto.

Can’t Stop Laughing


Motion Graphics for the TV Special Celebrating the Genius of Irwin Barker Can't Stop Laughing brought together comedians, Mark Critch, Bruce Clark, Sam Easton, Shawn Majumder, Peter Kelamis, and Irwin Barker to celebrate Irwin's one year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer. Funny, biting and irreverent, this tribute is a fitting celebration of Irwin [...]



Motion Graphics for the Channel 4 UK Documentary Sentoku – Search for Japan's Ghost Fleet Just before the end of the second world war, the Japanese navy created a plan to attack the Panama Canal using kamikaze aircraft launched from a submarine. Sen Toku- The Seach for Japan's Ghost Fleet documents the search for [...]

Climate Change


Motion Graphics for This Long Standing CBC Series Aurora provided motion graphics sequences explaining the effects of climate change, like the movement of invasive species like the pine beetle, for this Nature of Things episode.

Veterans Connect Canada


Communications Design for the Non-Profit –Veterans Connect Canada Veterans Connect Canada (VCC) is a non-profit that encourages Veterans at risk of suicide to seek help for their mental health problems. VCC was created by Aurora’s partners to reduce Veteran suicide in Canada through storytelling, advocacy and education. You Know When You Have to Act [...]



Ads for PriceWaterhouseCoopers Promoting Their Private Company Services Private Company Services from PriceWaterhouseCoopers help companies plan for growth, transition and transformations in their businesses. The ads were shot in a still camera in burst-mode to evoke a feeling of memory and nostalgia.