Set your purpose in motion

Our strategy is simple and straightforward. You want the world to know your mission; we’re here to make that happen.

First, we talk.

No pressure. Spend 15 minutes telling us about yourself, what you want to achieve and the challenges you’ve faced. This talk is key and will help us determine if we’re a good fit.

Insight Playbook

The Insight Playbook matches your goals to your purpose in an actionable way. In a 2 hour meeting, we get to know all about your business – how it started, where it is now, and where you hope to take it. Then, we create your Insight Playbook.

This playbook is more than just a plan. It shares your brand’s story, including recommendations from us. It points out opportunities to grow your business and guides you on where to focus your energy and resources.

Your Playbook Consists of:

Start from your organization’s beginnings and reach for your big goals. Let’s check if your brand and what you create help you move forward or slow you down.

Find insights and strategies that will help your business grow. Figure out what things to do, what to stop, and what to keep doing to reach your goals.

Your Insight Playbook gives a detailed look at your business, focusing on ways to grow and make an impact with content. You can choose to go it alone or work together with us (we recommend working together).

$750.00 Investment

Ignite Packages

Content Creation Packages to Let Your Purpose Shine

Do you want content that grabs attention and touches hearts?

We’ve got just what you need, no matter how big or small your budget.

For clients who have an Insight Playbook, the cost will be deducted from the package price.


We turn your Insight Playbook into a functional, cohesive brand.

Using what we learned from your Insight Playbook, we will help move in the right direction and stand out. This package is well suited to small businesses or startups that want to build a strong visual base.

May include:

  • Visual brand update

  • Social media imagery

  • Layout of key marketing materials

  • Branded presentation template

Benefits: Gives small businesses a great start to stand out. Helps make your brand more well-known and allows you to tell your story and connect with people on social media and other marketing channels.

Average completion time from start to end: 1 week.


Enhanced solutions for mid-sized, service-oriented companies.

For clients who may need large projects and highly creative solutions. This package offers robust brand assets and print material. It’s a good fit for medium-sized businesses that want to boost their brand and reach more people.

May include:

  • Elements from the “Starter” package, plus

  • Infographics

  • Animated social media images

  • Video production (short video with voice over and music)

Benefits: Uses animation and video to make stories more interesting. This grabs people’s attention better and explains big ideas in a simple way. Ideal for businesses looking to deepen brand impact and expand market reach.

Average completion time from start to finish is between 1 and 2 weeks.


Elements from our Starter and Growth packages + extras.

We elevate your brand and its connection to your audience. Includes everything from Insight to Growth, plus valuable extras. Designed for larger organizations and businesses that want to stand out with great stories and eye-catching visuals that last.

May Include:

  • Elements from the “Starter” & “Growth” packages, plus

  • Explainer video

  • Documentary video

  • Animated brand elements (Motion graphics)

Benefits: Provides a complete service that helps larger organizations and businesses use great storytelling to become leaders in advancing change.

Average completion time start to finish: 2-3 weeks.

Elevate Learning Experiences

Changing How People Learn

Change how learning feels. Using design and visuals, we make content that draws people in and holds them.
Let’s make learning rich and engaging.


Boost engagement, comprehension, and retention with our educational toolkits designed for your program.

Learning materials and facilitator guides

Tailored visual solutions for seamless learning journeys. For virtual and in-person learning.

Content Creation

Aurora is an integrated agency focused on creating content designed to fit perfectly with your Insight Playbook.