Lead Change with Impact: Amplifying Social Change Through Strategic Communication Design

Leadership takes on various forms, but leading societal change is one of the most profound forms of leadership you can pursue. Change makers drive transformations in people’s lives and the society at large that’s often met with resistance, skepticism, and fear. To combat this, organizations must lead change with purpose, passion, and effective communication. Effective communication design is an influential tool that social organizations use to convey the emotional and empathetic stories of their causes and generate awareness. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a high profile, big budget brand to use these strategies. Plenty of small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and B-corps lead the way by driving positive social change in their industries.

Authentically Communicate Your Story with Impact

Leadership relies on effective, authentic communication. Without it, leaders cannot inspire and motivate people to support their cause, follow their vision, or encourage others to initiate change. You must tell your story compellingly and authentically. Your story should be relevant and empathetic to your target audience, demonstrating why you care about the issue, your goals, and your plan of action. Your story should also acknowledge the complexities and difficulties associated with change, demonstrating your sincere concern for those affected.

Communication Design: A Powerful Tool to Evoke Emotions and Lead Change

Communication design is all about using sensory, visual, and audio design elements to convey messages or evoke emotions from the audience. Effective communication design goes beyond aesthetics and entails a fundamental purpose and function. Any company seeking to lead change with impact can use design communication. Here are examples of some small companies, non-profit organizations, and B-corps that are using communication design to generate positive changes in their sectors:

1) The Empowerment Plan: This NGO focuses on providing homeless individuals with purpose and a chance to obtain sustainable employment. The Empowerment Plan features a unique coat design that can be transformed into a sleeping bag or an over-the-shoulder bag. Through this project, they have created hundreds of jobs to homeless individuals, while simultaneously providing the necessary clothing and shelter to many others.

2) Veterans Connect Canada: This organization aims to connect and support military veterans who may be struggling to transition back into civilian life. Veterans Connect Canada has created a visually appealing platform that allows veterans to find important resources and services in their area, such as counselling, employment opportunities, and support groups. By recognizing the importance of communication design, Veterans Connect Canada has helped countless veterans receive the support they need to thrive in their post-military lives.

3) Doconomy: This is a Swedish company dedicated to making the world more sustainable by promoting responsible consumerism. Doconomy’s latest initiative, The Aland Index, is a green finance tool that tracks the carbon footprint of an individual’s purchases and suggests investing in greener manufacturing companies. Through this project, Doconomy has enabled individuals to understand their role in promoting sustainable production and consumption behaviours, which is essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

4) University of Calgary’s Recovery on Campus: This non-profit organization is aimed at addressing the challenge of addiction on university campuses. Recovery on Campus’ campaign includes visual motifs and storytelling elements that convey messages of hope, community, and the availability of resources for addiction-related challenges. Through this campaign, the organization has created a supportive community for students and staff who are struggling with addiction and recovery stigma, helping them by providing resources that support all stages of recovery.

Veterans Connect Canada

Recovery on Campus

Communication design is an effective tool to convey your sincere and authentic messages to your audience in a powerful way. Numerous small companies, non-profit organizations, and B-corps leverage the power of design to initiate change in their communities and industries. By effectively communicating their message and story, these organizations have become leaders at driving transformational changes in their respective sectors.

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