Case Study – Harrison Healthcare


Case Study: Harrison Healthcare Branding Guidelines Just as a healthcare provider like Harrison prioritizes patient experience, we, at Aurora, focus on creating viewer experiences that resonate emotionally and intellectually. Harrison's brand isn't simply about the services they offer; it's defined by the connections they forge. Let's walk through how we helped Harrison Healthcare create [...]

Explainer Video for Rural Healthcare


Canadian Institute for Health Information's Explainer Video by Aurora Motion Graphics Project Overview The Challenge: Rural health care decision-makers face unique challenges unknown to their urban counterparts. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) harbored robust resources pivotal to address these issues, yet remained underutilized. The key was not only to enlighten stakeholders [...]

Case Study – RoR


Aurora Works with University of Calgary to Create Roots of Resiliency Course for Students Our client The University of Calgary wanted to provide its students with the necessary skills to manage the stressors of student life, so they engaged Aurora, a creative agency specialized in storytelling, to design, plan and develop an online course called [...]

Case Study – Health Letter


The transformation of the Copeman Health Letter Copeman Healthcare Centres were acquired by Telus Health in 2018. They now operate under Telus Health Care Centres.  Copeman Healthcare's Marketing team was looking for an effective way to keep their existing clients informed about current health concerns while attracting potential customers. That's when they introduced the [...]

Logos and Identity


At Aurora, we understand the importance of creating an impactful brand identity that represents the essence of a business. We are experts in crafting logos that convey a brand's values and personality, while also appealing to its target audience. Our team of designers and creatives work closely with each client to understand their unique [...]

Case Study – TIM Youth


Aurora's Graphic Design Services for The Inquiring Mind Youth Program Our client The Mental Health Commission, a Canadian non-profit organization, promotes mental health and provides guidance to those suffering from mental illnesses. The Inquiring Mind Youth program is a targeted initiative run by the Mental Health Commission to help young people develop and maintain [...]

Case Study – Recovery on Campus


University of Calgary's Recovery on Campus The University of Calgary student services identified a need for a recovery program on campus that supports students and faculty members in recovery as well as those who want a substance free environment. After creating their own recovery program, the student services team recognized that other campuses might [...]

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