The transformation of the Copeman Health Letter

Copeman Healthcare Centres were acquired by Telus Health in 2018. They now operate under Telus Health Care Centres. 

Copeman Healthcare’s Marketing team was looking for an effective way to keep their existing clients informed about current health concerns while attracting potential customers. That’s when they introduced the Copeman Health Letter, which provided high-quality, relevant, and instructive information. The Copeman Health Letter was a powerful tool to connect with clients and promote their unique, innovative healthcare services. As a healthcare start-up, Copeman wanted to showcase their thought leadership in preventative medicine and the value they offered their clients.

The evolution of the Health Letter

Over the years, the Health Letter evolved from just another newsletter to a magazine-like publication, thanks to the efforts of Aurora who provided creative direction, layout, and content feedback. The articles, recipes, infographics, and client success stories were all carefully crafted to meet the needs of Copeman’s clients, who were looking for high-quality, engaging, and relevant information.

The design updates reflected Copeman’s high standard of service, while also providing greater breathing room, more typography options, and more engaging photos. The result was a publication that clients could spend 15 minutes with, going through it from cover to cover.

Repurposing design for email and content marketing

The design updates also translated to the email newsletter and website, where the up-market look and feel was also reflected. It became their top email marketing and content generating tool. The high quality design resulted in greater social media engagement and sharing.

The power of design

For Copeman’s clients, the Health Letter wasn’t just a newsletter. It was a source of empowerment, providing them with high-value, up-to-date health information on a regular basis. The Copeman Health Letter proved to be a powerful tool in strengthening client relationships and maintaining their position as thought leaders in preventative medicine. With engaging content, high-quality design, and a strong brand, Copeman Healthcare proved to be an outstanding example of a successful healthcare business model.