University of Calgary’s Recovery on Campus

The University of Calgary student services identified a need for a recovery program on campus that supports students and faculty members in recovery as well as those who want a substance free environment. After creating their own recovery program, the student services team recognized that other campuses might be facing similar challenges and could benefit from their experience. They wanted to create a resource toolkit that would provide guidance for other institutions looking to develop their own recovery programs.

Elevated design to provide a user-friendly resource

This is where Aurora came in. Initially approached for graphic design services, we employed our experience in the sector and advised on the expansion and clarification of content to identify the need, what could be done, and where to start. We understood the importance of creating a comprehensive and effective resource toolkit that could help other campuses in their efforts to address recovery on campus.

The team at Aurora collaborated with the University of Calgary to ensure the resource toolkit was comprehensive and informative, capturing best practices, research, and relevant resources across the sector. Drawing on our experience in the industry, we advised on scope management, storytelling, planning, production, art direction, and industry-specific best practices.

We incorporated these learnings into the final product to provide a user-friendly resource that could be easily adapted to fit their unique needs. Ultimately, we were able to deliver on the University’s objective by creating a toolkit that not only inspired other campuses to create their own recovery programs but also provided them with the necessary tools to do so effectively.

The client was impressed with our attention to detail and our ability to effectively communicate the need for this program. They were fully committed to the project and provided valuable feedback throughout the design process. Thanks to their buy-in, we were able to create a resource toolkit that not only met their needs but also provided a valuable resource for other campuses facing similar challenges. The client praised Aurora’s commitment to quality and our ability to create a design that effectively communicated the importance of addressing recovery on campus.
Overall, the challenge was to create a recovery program on campus that could be replicated and scaled across other institutions.