Aurora Works with University of Calgary to Create Roots of Resiliency Course for Students

Our client

The University of Calgary wanted to provide its students with the necessary skills to manage the stressors of student life, so they engaged Aurora, a creative agency specialized in storytelling, to design, plan and develop an online course called “Roots of Resiliency.” The course aimed to equip students with tools and strategies to successfully navigate difficult situations and promote resiliency.

The challenge

The primary challenge was a tight deadline. With only four weeks to go, Aurora had to make sure that they delivered their same high-quality work within a short time. Additionally, the task was to transform academic research and theories into easy-to-understand visual content that would appeal to students. Aurora was engaged for creative and art direction, which included research, project management and graphic design.

Aurora worked closely with University of Calgary’s project team to understand the course objectives and target audience. We conducted extensive research to provide graphic design services that would be most appealing to students. As far as project scope and planning were concerned, Aurora used an to ensure that the team worked efficiently and effectively with the given timeline. The agile process included sprint planning sessions, daily stand-up meetings, and constant communication between the teams.

The course material was broken down into bite-sized modules and delivered through a series of explainer videos. The videos were easy to understand and engaging, using diverse characters and real-life scenarios. To add more value to the course content, Aurora incorporated storytelling to make the material more compelling and memorable. The stories also provided students with tangible examples of how to implement the information they had learned.

Roots of Resiliency Course for students

Aurora created the Roots of Resiliency course on time and on budget, successfully exceeding client expectations. Since the course’s release, it has received high praise from students. With the successful launch of the course, University of Calgary can now provide its students with the necessary tools to help them manage their daily stressors and promote mental health.

The project was executed professionally and efficiently, thanks to Aurora’s agile methodology approach. The project’s success has enabled students to build resilience, equipping them for both academic and professional life. The collaboration between Aurora and University of Calgary will continue to develop innovative ways to help students succeed in their academic pursuits.