A Bright and Appetizing Departmental Brand Identity

The Dietitians at Copeman Healthcare have an identity system that is a brand within a brand. This department has a unique personality and skill set. They are passionate advocates of health and diet, and their collateral shows their understanding and encouragement of their client’s health journeys.

An Opportunity to Expand the Copeman Brand

Branding is often mistaken for a logo a slogan and a set of colours. Another misconception is that everything under the umbrella of the company’s brand has to look, say and behave exactly the same way, department to department. Treating each department exactly the same may miss an opportunity for a department to showcase its unique contributions and capabilities. Allowing a department to contribute its voice to the overall chorus can add a depth and richness to the overall brand identity.

Tone and Voice to Match Client Goals and Expectations

It wouldn’t be appropriate to treat the dietitians collateral with the same tone and voice as the executive collateral for example. For their work to be engaging it needs to be appetizing, full of colour and energy.
The dietitians collateral still follows all of the overall branding guidelines. It is easily recognized as Copeman Healthcare even when there is no logo present at all.

Unique Doesn’t Mean Expensive

Aurora provides work for Copeman that covers the general look and feel, like general collateral for other departments and their client facing newsletter.
Stock and photo shoots for imagery balances cost with brand identity. A lot Copeman’s collateral uses stock imagery, but important projects like their quarterly cookbook uses custom photography.

Copeman listens and delivers services tailored for their clients. Departmental branding adds to their model of client care.