Logos and Identity


At Aurora, we understand the importance of creating an impactful brand identity that represents the essence of a business. We are experts in crafting logos that convey a brand's values and personality, while also appealing to its target audience. Our team of designers and creatives work closely with each client to understand their unique [...]

Case Study – TIM Youth


Aurora's Graphic Design Services for The Inquiring Mind Youth Program Our client The Mental Health Commission, a Canadian non-profit organization, promotes mental health and provides guidance to those suffering from mental illnesses. The Inquiring Mind Youth program is a targeted initiative run by the Mental Health Commission to help young people develop and maintain [...]

Case Study – Recovery on Campus


University of Calgary's Recovery on Campus The University of Calgary student services identified a need for a recovery program on campus that supports students and faculty members in recovery as well as those who want a substance free environment. After creating their own recovery program, the student services team recognized that other campuses might [...]

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