Is it time for a rebrand? Maybe not…

Are you considering a rebrand? Most likely, you’re wondering if it’s necessary to give your long-established business a fresh brand image. The decision to rebrand is significant and will have enduring effects on your company.

It may seem like the new hot trend is to rebrand your business every few years, but more often than not, it’s unnecessary. Rebranding has become a buzzword, leading many to believe that it’s essential to keep up with the competition. But before you jump onto the rebranding bandwagon, you should think about when a rebrand is truly necessary for your business, and when it’s better to simply stay true to your brand identity.

Will an update build on the brand equity you’ve already established with your demographic? Major changes can be a detriment to your brand if you are no longer recognizable.

How to determine if you need a rebrand: Four key questions to ask yourself

Rebranding can be an expensive and time-consuming process, so it’s important to consider the potential costs and benefits of taking this step before you commit. To help you decide whether a rebrand is necessary for your business, here are some key questions to ask yourself.

First, does your current brand accurately reflect your business? If the answer is yes, it may be best to stick with what you have. However, if you’ve experienced a change in direction or focus since launching your brand, you might want to reconsider.

Second, has your target audience shifted? It’s important to ensure that your branding resonates with the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. If you’ve identified a new demographic, it might be time to update the look and feel of your brand.

Third, is there any confusion around what your business does? If customers are uncertain about what you offer, a rebrand could help set the record straight.

Finally, are you seeing a decline in sales? If your current branding isn’t helping to draw in customers, then it might be time for a refresh. With the right approach, a rebrand could help reinvigorate your business and bring in more revenue.

9 Alternatives to a Rebrand that may be just as effective

We have seen some necessary and unnecessary rebranding done throughout our many years in design. We know what to look for, what to ask and how to diagnose the underlying issue that’s leading to your desire to rebrand. Before diving into a rebrand, we’ll complete a brand audit to determine where on the range from brand refresh to rebrand your needs lie. In our experience, the following solutions go a long way to strengthening your brand position without breaking the budget:

  1. Evaluate current design and make small changes. It may simply be that small, thoughtful changes are your best solution to refresh your brand. For example, you may simply need new photography to better reflect your company’s growth or your demographic. Another update we have made for clients in the past is a relatively simple decluttering to remove distracting or overused graphic elements – spring cleaning for your brand!
  2. Research the competition and find ways to differentiate your brand. Perhaps your style aligns too much with others in your industry. This provides an opportunity to set yourself apart through design. For example, we may suggest to retain your logo and colours, but update other design communication strategies. 
  3. Create a new tagline or slogan that better reflects where you are and how you’ve grown. Consider building the tagline around the rest of your copy and communications. Treat it like the opening statement to your elevator pitch. 
  4. Re-evaluate your elevator pitch. Does it still summarize what you do? Is it concise and compelling? Revisiting this may help uncover simple updates you can make across other elements of your communication design to better tell your story. 
  5. Update your logo in small ways to work better on small mobile screens. This may mean stronger lines or less busy colours. 
  6. Refresh your website and social media platforms to better provide the experience you want to offer your demographic. Is your site simply brochureware or does it add value to those you’re seeking to connect with?
  7. Do your digital assets pass accessibility standards? Maybe type and colour contrast updates are in order to serve those who need screen-reading aids. 
  8. Maybe your internal users of the brand (team/staff) have been deviating from the brand guidelines and need a refresher on how to use the existing look and feel. Updating template styles and ppt master pages with a refreshed look will add a much needed punch. Perhaps updated/clearer brand guidelines and a library of imagery will re-focus all internal users of the brand’s look and feel. 
  9. Consider retiring all PR, swag items and clothing and creating new, more useful or stylish alternatives. Does your brand align with your values and purpose? If not, definitely consider a rebrand. 

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to rebrand is a decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Ask yourself the questions above and weigh up the pros and cons before making your final choice. With the right strategy, you could take your business to exciting new heights!

Whatever you decide, at Aurora, we’re here to help guide you through the process and execute your refresh, rebrand and overall design communication strategy with success.