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The following examples of training materials inform, educate, and engage participants. We work with our clients to create, refine, and revise materials in an effort to produce successful learning experiences. Iterative and collaborative workflows produce the most effective results.

Chemistry 111 Workbook

Client: The University of British Columbia
Sector: Post-Secondary Education

The University of British Columbia publishes its own hybrid textbook/workbook for their first year Chemistry students. Good workflow and project management ensures that annual updates to the curriculum go smoothly.

Mental Health First Aid

Client: The Mental Health Commission of Canada
Sector: Mental Health

MHFA is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. We provide design services for this program that has 8 variants in English and French. We create, layout, revise course materials consisting of Powerpoint presentations, instructor and participant manuals, handouts and guides. We ensure consistency across all programs and work closely with The Commission when new programs are developed.

MHFA First Nations Participant Manual

In-class workbook for the First Nations course.

MHFA Police Workbook

This workbook is an editable PDF for the two part course – consisting of online and classroom components.

Brain Health Materials

Client: Copeman Healthcare Centre
Sector: Healthcare

The Brain Health materials for Copeman Healthcare provides a reference for clients and practitioners to put their learnings to practice and track patient’s brain health. This results in complex information and concepts that are easily understood, and increases results for clients.

Brain Health Grocery Shopping Guide

This guide explains foods that promote brain health and documents weekly servings of healthy foods.

Brain Fitness Workbook and Log

This collaborative workbook explains and and records brain health exercises for both the patient and practitioner. It allows a quick overview of progress and milestones of a patient’s progress.

Brain Fitness Log

The Inquiring Mind

Client: The University of Calgary
Sector: Mental Health

This program teaches students at the U of C how to identify, help and support each other’s mental health. Demystifying mental health issues and encouraging students to get help creates a healthier student body.

Nutrition Counselling Materials

Client: Copeman Healthcare Centre
Sector: Healthcare

Reaching goals is hard–learning and practicing good nutrition may be one of the hardest things to do. We work closely with the Dietitians at Copeman Healthcare to deliver personalized programs to their clients so they can achieve their nutrition goals. These materials were delivered as both editable PDFs and print formats.

2 day food record

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