We are a team of designers and storytellers that work with clients from many sectors on projects of all sizes. At Aurora, there are no small projects– we believe every project has a part to play in building a brand’s story. We help our clients tell their stories across the media landscape, from traditional to digital. Our design practice is customer focused, and we work to ensure that our clients goals are the best match for their market. We believe that this is the best way to form and grow brand loyalty.


Aurora has shaped brand stories for more than 15 years. We’ve worked for clients in the television, entertainment, retail, and health care sectors. We are focused on working with socially aware companies whose values merit storytelling.

Our clients have:

  • A customer first mandate to create honest and authentic connections, and
  • A willingness for innovation and transformation of their value chain.

Guiding Principles

  • Help our clients focus on their users’ experiences.
  • Be a good partner-in-design for our clients, have a responsive attitude, and share knowledge unconditionally.
  • Have a genuine desire to help our clients achieve their goals and user needs.
  • Cut through the noise by embracing constant learning, being open to new ideas and researching voraciously.


Gerard Cheong
Gerard CheongPartner, Communications Director
Gerard is known for his stoic athleticism and rugged good looks. He also happens to be a partner in Aurora, providing, art and technical direction for the company. He has strong storytelling abilities and technical skills that allow him to be a multi platform designer. From print, to web and television, Gerard uses design to create lasting impressions for Aurora’s clients.
Shawna Hickerson
Shawna HickersonPartner, Creative Director
Shawna is Aurora’s creative director. This doesn’t mean she won’t get her hands dirty; she happily rolls up her sleeves to provide illustration, art direction and production design. This passion for all things design has led her to being a champion for clients and their projects. Shawna believes that paying attention to the message and audience will lead to our client’s success.

Employee of the month

Duchess Von Grüven
Duchess Von GrüvenAgent of Chaos and Director of Naps
Groovy’s duties include client services, package inspections, auditing zoom calls and naps. Lots of naps.